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This is a book I picked up some years ago while visiting our Westvaco plant in Charlestown. I have way too many books and looking to sell off some. This is a large book with a lot of the authors drawings of old South Carolina churches. It is mostly old country churches. The addition was a little over with not a lot still in existance.. This was in range and signed by author. A beautiful book wi...
Used-Made in the USA-part #26070
Is Glassware that old rare. A complete set intact is very rare. Many museums do not have a set. A set just like this is in the State Department in D.C. These came out of A Virginia plantation home. These are hand blown and full of the defects that were common from our early glass industry. You had to be rich to afford these at that time. They are inches tall light green and the sockets for the ...
This is piece that in yrs. I have seen of. This is a condolance for the family of Pfc. Stuart M. Herrington Co. G Infantry U.S. Army.. What he did to loose his life must have been great for the French Goverment to issue such a document personnaly signed by the President of France at the end Of World War I. It is printed on heavy high quality paper that has started to crack from age. It is inche...
This is a full case of Jim Beam distilled in the s . The sate of Virginia hired a noted wildlife artist to create paintings of Virginias wildlife with on each bottle sent that month. You could not buy the hole case as I have here you had to buy each month as the came in . They sold out quickly. Each and every is still sealed with Virginias tax stamp which shows it has never been opened. Not man...
This is the model crank ph in very nice condition. It came out of a star hotel nearby and has a number stamped in the oak. It works but have disconnected wires from generator as they produce a shock. These are very heavy and will rquire about dollars shipping here east coast. See my other ads yr.old case whiskey WWI signed document yr.old golf ltho. also my book auctions Amazon . download Photo...
Email me and I will send photos and check availabilty. Shipping Available. Prices sent upon request Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
This is the rarest of all the Winchester poster made in the thirties. It is printed on thin paper as they were meant to be thrown away. They would fade out of color if they were exposed to sun and taking them down was a tearing up process. This was never hung and I bought it years ago with a stack of other rare prints. Normanl Hall was the creater and his name is printed bottom right corner. To...
This rare peice set came from of our Virginia plantation homes. Each piece shows all the defects common in our early glaass indusrry. They are . inches tall and hand blown showing slightly rough pontils. Glass this old is rare a set this old is extremely rare and the fact that you had to be rich to afford it back then adds more rariety. They are greenish blue depending on how the light hits the...
His and Hers Egyptian wine glasses/ glass stone of Buck running through the woods/ Ducks flying Belt buckle
Las Vegas Nevada shot glass/ antique glass candle holder/ decorative candle/ leather horse imprinted belt buckle
This is a by inch piece framed. I bought it in Harrisburg in the s. It is on rag paper as any original piece should be. Latter on some were put on hand made paper from pulp. The early s are on rag paper. You can see the colored threads and junk in this . Frame has had some work over the years to tigh it. See my other rare pieces in collectables and my Ebook also Available Amazon . download J.P....
These are beautiful tapestries made by Emma in the early s. I bought them and then had them put into matching frames. They are signed on the backing board. She put hundreds of hours in these and are some of her best. I will not seperate the . shipping included East Coast. See my other rare items collectables and my book on how to find these treasures. Ebook in collectables and Amazon . download...
Pure Gold Nugget mined in Arizona. High Quality nice shine. My back guarentee Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Black x box comes with white remote Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Phyllis Ada Driver better known as Phyllis Diller was an American stand-up comedienne actress voice artist and comedienne best known for her eccentric stage persona and her wild hair and clothes. The value of this Autograph as Phillis Diller Died. This photo also contains Bob Hope although he did not sign Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
This is the real deal that came out of a star resort here in the east many years ago. It still works and has been refinished generator wirs are loose to prevent shock. Shiping here on east coast . USPS see my other ads collectables Very rare Winchester Poster colonial glassware yr. old case bourbon. Also my books Auctions Amazon and classifieds collectales. J.P.Goodwin Photos and contact info o...
This is the first printing of this golf litho and was d on st. It still carries the impression of the st around te edges. The painter Was Douglas an Englishman and The Printer was Graves of Pall Mall London England and the date . All are printed on bottom edge describing who and what was reproduced. Not many Survive. This came from the Star Resort Homestaed where it hung in a hallway for almost...
This is the first printing st cut litho of english painter Douglas The Pulling Green. Graves of Pall Mall England is the printer. It hung inside a star resort near my home for most of the th century. This resulted in little fading and piece was well cared for. Frame is english elm. This piece did not see a large printing as golf was not as big as it was even in the s. It is showing the hole at ...
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